Drive Time with Roadkill

Buckle your seatbelts and gear up for a wild ride as Roadkill puts the pedal to the metal on the CCB stage. They'll be inviting a guest team to tailgate with them and open the show, and then they'll perform a road trip. Come see Berlin's only vehicle-based improv show! About RoadkillWhat monster bought sour cream Pringles? Why do […]


PodFest Berlin: Common Ground – Live

Common Ground with Soraya Sarhaddi Nelson. A Peabody winner who covered wars now forges consensus out of controversy in Berlin and beyond. Common Ground was launched in September 2020 as the flagship talk show of KCRW Berlin 104.1 FM. Every week, host Soraya Sarhaddi Nelson brings together prominent guests from all walks of life to tackle questions […]

PodFest Berlin: Beyond Asian Podcast – Live Recording

Beyond Asian takes on the complexity of Third Culture Asian lifelines, looking to integrate the past of the Asian continent with the globalized present, while stretching to imagine an integrated future. Sen Zhan is the host and has her roots in China, Canada, and now Germany.  In this live interview, Sen will be talking to Frank Joung, the Korean-German […]

PodFest Berlin: Coldcast Podcast with Guest Mark Reeder

On the Coldcast podcast hosted by renowned artist and songwriter Craig Walker and Grammy winning songwriter Erik Alcock, guests will let you in on their stories about the five songs that changed their life. Recorded in SAE’s retro studio in the heart of Berlin, this podcast will bring you inspiring storytelling from influential faces of […]

PodFest Berlin: Verprügelt mit Punchlines Live-Aufnahme

„Verprügelt mit Punchlines“ präsentiert von den Stand-up Comedians Ivan Thieme, Falk Pyrczek und Jonas Imam zersäbelt Popkultur mit gnadenlosen Punchlines und geht dann nachhause Suppe essen. Spezielle Live-Aufnahme für das PodFest Berlin im Comedy Café Berlin! “Eine kleine Einführung in "Verprügelt mit Punchlines" (für euch gerne VMP, wir sind ja quasi gute Bekannte). Wir drei […]

PodFest Berlin: Matilde und Georg produzieren Unterhaltung Live-Aufnahme

Matilde Keizer und GeorgFK produzieren Unterhaltung. Das ist ein Wortspiel, aber auch so viel mehr. Matilde und Georg sind komplexe, womöglich gar komplizierte Menschen - so komplex, dass es schwerfällt sie zu bezeichnen. Comedians? Autor*innen? Schauspieler*innen? Regisseur*innen? All dies hat sie schon einmal definiert, und in diesem Podcast nehmen sie mit Eloquenz und Situationskomik den […]

PodFest Berlin: Mixtape Menage – Live Recording

Mixtape Menage is a Berlin based platform dedicated to the artists, musicians, creators and cultural facilitators of the world! “On the podcast we aim to get to know our guests through their music collection and casual conversation.” In this special live taping at PodFest Berlin, Eiliyas welcomes special guests including visual artist Loganic and founder […]

PodFest Berlin Seminar: Podcasting in the New Cave

"Podcasting in the New Cave - Tapping into the Primeval Power of Storytelling"Presented by Benjamin Lorch of The Berlin School of Podcasting In days of yore we sat in circles around fire to tell our stories.  But today we do not live in dirty caves any more! Or, do we?  Podcasting is now among us in this […]

PodFest Berlin Seminar: “Building a Story” with Tim Howard of Reply All

A workshop by “Reply All” Editor Tim Howard on the collaborative process of making episode #178, "I Am Not a Bot." You will learn about the reporting, brainstorming, writing, structuring, and sound design that went into this story. Tim will also discuss the questions that arose, such as "how do we capture real feelings?" and […]

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PodFest Berlin Seminar: Making Audio Visual with Jill and Julia of Bear Radio

In this workshop, Jill and Julia of Bear Radio will be focusing on building out a script that transports your listeners to a place and moment in time. Participants will learn how to embellish their pieces by building out themes within an interview, using found footage and dynamic soundscapes, and creating engaging voiceover scripts. Bear […]