The 6th Offensive


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What is this madness?

Berlin’s first improv CageMatch!

The Offensives are a long form improvised comedy tournament that take place over three Saturdays at CCB. 8 teams battle it out on stage for audience votes; only 1 team reigns supreme.

Winners of the Offensives enter the Champions League Champion of the Universe Championship and compete against each other in an exclusive competition.

What are the Rules?

  • A team can only have MAX 3 players per night and MAX 1 substitute.
  • Each team will have an allotted time, NO MORE NO LESS. A timer will be projected on the wall. A buzzer will sound when your time is up.
  • Each audience member has ONE vote. They will be recorded on paper ballots, counted and collected by a neutral party (the hosts of the tournament). The team with the most number of audience votes wins.
  • PERFORMERS are NOT allowed to vote.
  • The decision of the host is final. No whining. No recounts. In the event of a tie, the teams in question will elect ONE player to participate in a ‘shootout’ (details have never been ironed out but probably a shortform ‘step out’ game)
  • This is meant to be a friendly competition. That being said – trash talking is encouraged.
  • The hosts can assess penalties and make up rules at their discretion.
  • THIS IS MEANT TO BE SILLY AND FUN! Dress up like clowns or wrestlers. IT DOESN’T MATTER! But do good improv 😛


The “Offensive” Winners

GRILL TALK – 20.08.2016
CǓNT HÅMMɆR – 21.01.2017
Carl Me Maybe – 19.08.2017
Cat Bear – 20.01.2018
Skeleton Brains – 18.08.2018

The Champions League Champion of the Universe Championship Winners

CǓNT HÅMMɆR – 28.01.2017
CǓNT HÅMMɆR – 29.09.2017
GRILL TALK – 27.01.2018

The “Offensive” Leaderboard

Carl Me Maybe* – IIIII
Cat Bear* – III
Slow Clap – IIII
the “h” is silent – I
Great Grandkids! – I
Cat Video – I
Vegetable Product – I
Steven Segalman Brothers Band – I
Dicks & Glasses – I
Scratch Theater Company Players – I
Three Wishes – I
Bloodthirsty – I
Blood Sisters – I
Skeleton Brains – I
Good* Improv Team – I
Cool Story, Bro! – Ø
The Awkward High Five – Ø
The Pants on Fire – Ø
Ghost Boner – Ø
I dont know man I am not good at anything – Ø
#TryMeNot – Ø
Team Carl – Ø
Fresh Import – Ø
The Barbapapa – Ø
A Dinosaur – Ø
Skit Happens! – Ø
The Bottle Episode – Ø
The Olive Garden – Ø
Ladies and Gentleman – Ø
Dyck and Dyckie – Ø


Hosted by GLB