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Announcing Hive Improv courses at CCB!

Good news folks! Hive Improv together with Comedy Café Berlin is now offering a full selection of improv courses in English starting January 2016! No where else in the city can you get this kind of highly focused curriculum, with this much variety and with this kind of teaching talent (full disclosure, I’m teaching). 

The gang from Good Luck, Barbara! (Chris J. Rock, Nikki Ratjen, Josh Telson and myself) have been working tirelessly to create separate Hive courses each tackling a different component of improv: Short Form Improv, The Truth of the Scene, Harold & Game and soon, The Movie.    

Have you been coming to improv comedy shows and thinking, “goddamn, I wish I could get me some of that!”? Or have you been caught off guard at work when your boss asks you to give a presentation and your mouth feels like a goddamn piece of stale toast? Or are you that person at the party who holds court in the kitchen telling stories that no one wants to listen to but wishes people would? THEN SIGN UP. 

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Forever Now Festival with Good Luck, Barbara, CSz and #TaraandRance

This weekend I’ve been performing at the Forever Now festival with Good Luck, Barbara! and ComedySportz Berlin. Forever Now is a festival that “celebrates transformation” and we were asked to perform as part of the “inter-act” component. It’s always fun/interesting/tough performing for new audiences who have no idea what to expect from improv. The first day, for example, we warmed up the audience by playing tag with them. We got the feeling they wanted to participate a little more actively. So we indulged. 

I also got the chance to take a workshop with Tara and Rance, two wonderful improvisers from Chicago, who currently work out of IO. They also performed two nights at the festival with a show called “Here”, a two person musical improv. Normally, I’m not much of a musical fan but this is so worth it. As they themselves said, the show has to stand on its own, even without the “gimmick” or the music, and this one certainly does. It’s even more impressive that the music is fantastic. 


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Performing at Improfest, Sweden

I’ll be in Gothenburg, Sweden for the first time performing with Good Luck Barbara! at the Improfest!  If you’re in town, be sure to check us out:

  • Saturday, 18:00 at Teater Aftonstjärnan, Lila Scenen

I was also randomly selected to perform in a special mixer show on Friday that will involve lots of fake blood. I’m very excited. “The zombie apocalypse with a comic twist.”