The Yarn – Comedy Storytelling

CCB's showcase of long-form comedic storytelling is back! Good storytelling is like a thread that connects us all to each other, knitting together the human experience, and it's even better […]

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SCHAMLOS ist der Comedy-Podcast für niveaulose Feminist*innen. Von der niveaulosesten Feministin Janina Rook. Mit den unterirdisch feministischen Matilde Keizer und Antonia Bär. Wir reden in jeder Folge über ein Thema, […]

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The BOSS (Live Comedy Podcast)

A Live Podcast Recording. What happens when hosts, Steindor Jonsson and Trevor Silverstein, open the stage to a random group of people to record their own live podcast episode? The […]

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Sugar High

A rowdy group of high energy internationally diverse improvisers jonesing on candy and fast paced character based play. According to COVID-19 restrictions you are required to wear a mask when […]

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The Bunk Bed Bunch

Comedians in pajamas telling stories. Watch Carl, Jakob and guests have the best sleepover of their lives: playing games, doing improv and gabbing like there’s no tomorrow! According to COVID-19 […]

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Back in the Groove!

With Toby Arsalan & Erika Ratcliffe About this Event It’s been a while! But CCB is open again, which means comedy is back! Comedians are crawling out of their little […]

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The CCB Improv Jam (2-prov edition)

Just like the regular jam, but with 2 person scenes. About this Event The CCB Improv Jam is an open stage for improvisers looking to practice, have fun or try […]

House Show

CCB House Teams perform longform improv comedy! Every first 3 Fridays of the month, CCB features its 3 House Teams, Fünfdollar, People System and the latest team, Pizza Studio. About […]

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Brothers Telson

A comedy show with brothers Josh and Noah Telson. They do improv. They also direct The CCB Training School. It's a lot of pressure for them. Will they crack? Come […]

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Toby & Dan

“You may think we’re funny, but you’ll never think we’re as funny as we think we’re funny.” Toby Arsalan and Daniel Stern are the two funniest people in the universe. […]

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