Comedy Café Berlin is closed, but we're live streaming Thursday - Saturday!

Witch Hunt – Dangerous Comedy

WITCH HUNT is a marvelous showcase of the most enchanting women in town, nay, the world. We awake at night in the limelight and jinx you with smutty stories, improbable […]

6,50€ – 8,50€

The Staniel Dern Show (Sticks and Stones feat. Friends with Benefits)

A standup and improv crossover event. Host Daniel Stern's standup provides the inspiration for improvised scenes created on the spot by "Friends With Benefits" a team comprised of Matilde Keizer, Caroline Clifford and Antonia Bär. The improvisation will lead to more standup; back and forth they will go. "Sticks & Stones will break my bones, […]

6,50€ – 8,50€