Forms Night

Forms Night showcases various, and often under represented, improv formats. It is a chance to see seasoned improvisers going out of their comfort zones, trying out new things, maybe even bending space and time all in an effort to make you laugh.Maybe you’ve heard of the Harold or the Pretty Flower and want to see […]

Lee and Noah: Capturing Hearts

Lee White (Lorilees) and Noah Telson (GLB, Action Jackson) storm the stage, weave together stories, and capture the hearts of millions. It’s an improv comedy show. Lee White is an actor, most known for his work with improvisation, comedy and stand-up, but also in film and as a voice-over artist. Originally from Winnipeg Canada, now […]

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The CCB Improv Jam

The CCB Improv Jam is an open stage for improvisers looking to practice, have fun or try out long-form improv for the first time. It's also fun to just watch! Anyone can join and everyone can play. If you’d like to play, just put your name on the sign up sheet when you arrive and we’ll […]

Young and Dumb

Come join us as we exploit our teenage selves for your entertainment.We’ll read our most embarrassing adolescent diary entries, our idealistic manifestos, and our most unrequited love poems. Watch us […]

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The Hedge

Every 2nd Thursday at Comedy Café Berlin, Cuter than Hedgehogs presents a mix of brand new and established improv teams.  If you're interested in performing at The Hedge, you can sign up here (All experience levels welcome!)

The Indie Improv Show

The Indie Improv Show is a celebration of the CCB community's growing longform improv comedy scene. This show spotlights new and old teams alike that have been working hard making folks laugh all over the city. This Month: Wild and ForgettableSome Nerve

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Wet Teeth

Dentists hate this one little trick: Wet teeth improv comedy. It’s time to sink your teeth into a fun and playful style, and you’ll be sure to have all your cavities filled—with laughter (we really needed to preface that). All day, every day—except 2:30. Do your dentist a favour, sit your butt down in the […]

The Shakedown – Musical Improv

Musical Improv Comedy with The Shakedown!Berlin’s freshest English-language musical improv comedy troupe! We take audience suggestions and turn them into completely made up scenes and songs, right before your very eyes. Join us for an evening of laughter and singing along to songs that will only ever be played for YOU!

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It’s That Time of the Month!

A monthly improvised live talk show hosted by Berlin’s funniest women. Join us for a daytime evening of hilarity where we improvise about topics close to our hearts and dish out life advice on all things necessary. A non award winning show. ***disclaimer: Since the show is fully improvised, ITTOTM can never be sure in […]

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