Teacher’s Pet

Shine those apples and sharpen those pencils - The CCB Training School teachers are jumping on stage for a special show! Join the CCBTS teachers as they perform a set […]

Full Fat

Bear Milk presents Full Fat, an hour of improvised comedy and drama. Unfolding organically, nobody knows what will happen or where we will end up. Join us for a journey […]

The CCB Improv Jam

The CCB Improv Jam is an open stage for improvisers looking to practice, have fun or try out long-form improv for the first time. It's also fun to just watch! […]

Josh Telson Gets a Haircut

Josh Telson tells stories and jokes but hasn't in 2 years. He used to get a haircut every month but also hasn't in 2 years. Come watch Josh get his […]

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Freddi Gralle – Church Girl, Interrupted

A Jesus Girl ditching church for comedy. Join Berlin comedian Freddi Gralle on her exquisitely sardonic quest; from judgmental Christian to judgmental agnostic! Freddi's first solo hour - “Church Girl, […]

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Cara Connors – Straight for Pay

As seen on Just For Laughs, Dating #NoFilter (Hulu), Apple TV! Cara Connors is an LA-based comedian and multifaceted homosexual with an ass that won’t quit. A perpetual late bloomer, […]

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Moni Zhang – Child from Wuhan

From a sweatshop in the ghetto of Wuhan, Moni made her way to Berlin. She searched hard for love, until a severe Depression hit her, forcing her to face unresolved […]

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Micky Overman – Small Deaths

One of Britain’s most exciting female voices brings you a blisteringly funny new show that’s got it all: Patrick Swayze! Other stuff… It answers burning questions like, how did one […]

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Dave Adams Has Feelings

An evening of comedy and music. Dave Adams is an Australian Composer, Pianist, Vocalist, Capricorn, Comedian living in Berlin. He identifies as "strong Carrie vibes", and a "classic Gryffindor". Dave got […]

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