Comedy Café Berlin is closed, but we're live streaming Thursday - Saturday!

Teacher’s Pet: CCBTS Teacher Showcase

Shine those apples and sharpen those pencils - The CCB Training School teachers are jumping on stage for a special show! Join the CCBTS teachers as they perform a set […]

Free – 8,50€

Drunk Classics: Aladdin

Aladdin re-improvised and sloshed! The timeless story of three wishes and going from rags to riches set in the location and time you suggest, with all-new dialogue created in the […]

6,50€ – 8,50€

U + Me :: Two-prov jam!

U + Me is a 2 person improv jam. That means all registered* improvisers will be randomly placed in pairs and given ~6 minutes all on their own! Anyone can […]