The Free Show

The Free Show is CCB's monthly improv showcase comprised of Berlin's top improv talent, featuring GLB, CCB House Teams and local and out-of-town talent. The show is inspired by a […]

Night Lunch

"Write a one paragraph show description for an improv group called Night Lunch, featuring Alice, Eli and Billy in the style of a diner menu."Welcome to Night Lunch, the improv […]

The CCB Improv Jam

The CCB Improv Jam is an open stage for improvisers looking to practice, have fun or try out long-form improv for the first time. It's also fun to just watch! […]

Hermes Ahmadi: You Might Be Here

Hermes Ahmadi took the stage in 2018 and immediately hit it off: in no time, he was seen in the finals of many Dutch comedy festivals and was booked for many venues throughout the country. He decided to take his lively act to Belgium and Germany and left the rooms rolling on the floor. Now, […]

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The A-Team

In 1972, a crack improv team was sent to prison by a comedy court for a crime they didn’t commit. These men and women promptly escaped from a maximum security […]

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