100€ Donation – Coin Coin Boing by Bernd Grether


Original analogue crypto currency conceived and curated by Bernd Grether and created by the CCB community.

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Coin Coin Boing is the world’s first completely analogue crypto currency.

The total supply of Coin Coin Boing is limited to 1885 CCB, the value of this edition plus 500 and 1000 CCB, which will be issued later this year.

Once all of these Coin Coin Boings have been printed the supply will be exhausted. This means that each CCB will be worth around 6.4 billion dollars once Coin Coin Boing has inevitably replaced gold as the most important safe haven asset.

Signed and numbered digital print on paper.

You’ll receive 1x 200CCB bill, 1x 100CCB bill, 1x 50CCB bill, 1x 20CCB bill, 1x 10CCB bill, 1x 5CCB bill