100€ Donation – 33 X NIKKI signed book by Nicole Ratjen


Get a copy of CCB regular Nicole Ratjen’s book 33 X NIKKI!

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Nicole Ratjen is a regular performer at CCB, an instructor at The CCB Training School, an actress, a playwright and so much more – PLUS she also wrote a book!

For a donation of at least 100€ here, a signed copy of that book, 33 X NIKKI, is yours!

More info on the book:
33 X NIKKI, is a monologue series written by Nicole Ratjen Inspired by comedic real-life events and heart pulling true stories, Nikki brings you inside her awkward 33 years (that seemed to have never ended). Through the tears and giggles, adventures in the big city and hoping the pond, you learn what it is like growing up as a middle child who never took the most direct route. Growing up wasn’t easy- but it happened and here is proof. This book hopes to inspire and give you a new resource of women driven content with quite a few laughs along the way.