Performing at CCB

Interested in performing at Comedy Café Berlin? Read on!

Stand up/ sketch/ ensemble/ out of town acts

We have performance slots for stand up, sketch and ensemble comedy on select Saturdays and Sundays and are happy for you to submit your show via the form below or via email (please do not message us on other platforms or send us physical submissions via post). Please be aware that due to the volume of submissions, we cannot answer all messages, nor can we in any way guarantee you a show. We highly recommend including video links and any awards/recommendations you’ve received.


CCB House Teams

CCB Harold House Teams represent the pinnacle of The CCB Training School. Students who have satisfactorily completed Levels 1 – 3 are able to audition for the teams, and, upon acceptance, are coached by CCBTS instructors and coaches. Auditions are typically held once or twice a year, depending on student body size and openings on the teams. Team members are expected to make regular (weekly) practice sessions and shows.
Harold Teams perform regularly on Friday nights at CCB and will form the core of our Touring Company. More info on Harold House Teams is available to eligible students.

How to perform on the CCB stage if you’re not on House Teams

CCB is committed to growing interest in improv and the improv community at large, and does so through The CCB Training School and our ever-growing program of improv shows. As a locus of improvised comedy in Berlin, the theatre is inherently responsible for providing space for improvisers to perform, no matter their skill level, and does so in a number of ways. First and foremost, the theatre presents improv at its highest level via House Teams. Following this, CCB provides opportunities for improvisers who are either not yet at their highest potential, cannot commit to a regular performance schedule, or are simply passing through Berlin and would like to get on stage.

The following outlines the numerous ways in which improvisers can perform on the CCB stage if they are not on a House Team. These improvisers may be solo performers who are not on a team, have formed a team on their own, referred to as an “Indie Team” or are simply visiting from abroad.

Where to perform

The CCB Program includes several evenings for solo improvisers and indie teams to perform on stage:

  1. The CCB Improv Jam
    • The jam takes place every Thursday and is open to anyone who wants to perform.
    • Indie teams are also selected to host the jam. A new indie team hosts every week.
  2. The Hedge
    • The Hedge is an improv comedy showcase hosted by Cuter Than Hedgehogs which takes place every 1st and 3rd Sunday. The showcase is open to indie teams, both newly formed or more established.
  3. The Offensives – Improv Tournament/CageMatch
    • Twice a year CCB hosts an open longform improv tournament.  
  4. Indie Night*
    • CCB occasionally programs indie improv nights which showcase indie teams that are more established.

*Indie Night will be a more regular feature in the CCB 2019 program.

How to perform

Depending on the evening, solo improvisers and indie teams can get on stage in a number of ways:

  1. Sign up for the CCB Improv Jam as a solo improviser
    • Improvisers sign up with their name before the jam starts, and are then randomly placed on a team. Each team gets 15-20 minutes to perform long form improv.
  2. Meet the requirements for hosting the CCB Improv Jam with an indie team
    • If a team meets the requirements for hosting (see below) then they can sign up to host via quarterly calls on the CCB Improv Jam Facebook group.  
  3. Sign up for The Hedge with an indie team
    • Indie teams are encouraged to sign up in advance via email. If selected, each team gets ~20 minutes to perform. The only vetting process is scheduling, availability and frequency with which you perform. Cuter Than Hedgehogs curate the evening according to who’s available and opportunity (i.e., teams and performers who haven’t seen much stage time will get preference).
  4. Sign up for the Offensive with an indie team
    • Open bi-annual calls (via our newsletter, website and social media channels) are made for indie teams to sign up.
  5. Meet the requirements for Indie Night (see below) and express interest with CCB programmers (currently Noah Telson or Josh Telson).
    • Indie teams are selected by invitation only.

Requirements for Indie Improv Teams

Indie teams that are interested in performing must fulfill certain criteria according to the show, in addition to agreeing to our Community Code of Conduct:

Indie Night / General Main Stage Shows

  1. All performers must have completed The CCB Training School curriculum through Level 3 – The Harold.
  2. The team must receive regular coaching from CCBTS approved coaches.
  3. Be approved* by CCB programmers (currently Noah Telson and Josh Telson)

* Approval is a judgement call based on whether a team meets a standard of high level of performance. Do they improvise well? Do they conduct themselves professionally? Are they daring, smart and do they make interesting moves on stage? Teams that are not deemed to meet this criteria will be given feedback in order to improve their performance level.

Hosting the CCB Improv Jam

  1. All performers must have completed The CCB Training School curriculum through Level 2 (Honest Improv and Game of the Scene)
  2. The team must understand and agree to the CCB improv jam tips and be able to coherently present them to the audience and fellow jammers.

The Offensives

  1. No requirements, any indie team can sign up. Specific tournament rules apply. Read more information about the tournaments here.

The Hedge

  1. No requirements. Though newly formed teams are encouraged to put some practice time in.

Playing the CCB Improv Jam

  1. No requirements. Be aware that the Jam is for individuals, not teams.