Theresa Robinson

Theresa’s childhood in Vancouver was far from ordinary. Summers were spent sailing around North and Central America, where she formed an unlikely friendship with a wild dolphin and even earned glider’s and private pilot’s licenses, courtesy of the Canadian government. Her adventurous spirit led her to live in Toronto, Boston, Albuquerque, and Belfast, each city adding to the tapestry of experiences that fuel her comedy.

Armed with a PhD in Aeronautics and Astronautics from MIT, Theresa’s expertise in aerospace engineering is matched only by her love for improv comedy. With a razor-sharp wit and a knack for “”framing the game,”” she effortlessly guides her fellow performers through hilarious scenes, leaving audiences in stitches. Theresa thrives on the shared energy and creativity of the group mind, making the deconstruction and the Harold her preferred improv formats.

When she’s not engineering software solutions or navigating Berlin’s bustling streets on her bike, Theresa can be found whipping up international dishes in the kitchen or bonding over video games with her awesome 16-year-old kid.

One of Theresa’s most cherished improv moments was Tiny Rumble’s victory in the cage match at Comedy Cafe Berlin in 2023. It was a testament to her team’s talent and dedication, and a highlight in her improv career.

Don’t miss out on experiencing Theresa’s unique brand of comedy! Catch her in action with any of her improv teams at Comedy Cafe Berlin: Thunderclap, Car, Health Plan, Pretty Pretty Princess, and Laughing Matter.