PodFest Berlin: What’s The Mate? ft. Rhymes With Witches

What’s The Mate is a completely improvised comedy show where a rotating cast of improvisers turn Berlin's tales into long-form hilarity! Join Julia Joubert and her incredibly funny guests for an improv experience unlike any other.  In this special live taping at PodFest Berlin What’s The Mate is joined by Rhymes With Witches: “Sugar, spice, […]


PodFest Berlin: Frauenquote Live-Aufnahme

Kinan Al und Filiz Tasdan haben ein Podcast. Zwei Comedians die nicht viel zu sagen haben. Filiz nutzt die Frauenquote aus. Kinan nutzt Filiz aus. Wir sind stolz darauf, die erste Live-Publikumsaufnahme von "Frauenquote" anbieten zu können. Spezielle Live-Aufnahme für das PodFest Berlin im Comedy Café Berlin! https://www.podcast.de/podcast/806946/frauenquote The recording starts promptly at the scheduled […]


PodFest Berlin: Adults ONLY Comedy Podcast Live Recording

Comedian Anna Beros talks all things 'adults only' with comedians in Berlin. Famous for debauchery and not yet famous for continental Europe’s biggest English language standup scene, Berlin has a lot of sex and a lot of comedy.  Come out to this special live taping at PodFest Berlin to hear sex positive and brutally honest […]


PodFest Berlin: It’s Mental Health Comedy – Live Recording

There’s a lot of pain and a lot of shame associated with mental illnesses. It’s Mental! Invites Berlin creatives to talk about their mental health journey and have a laugh. Together, we break the silence. Hosted by comedian Moni Zhang.It’s Mental! goes to PodFest Berlin: We’ll have a “Breakup Special” featuring real breakup stories and […]


PodFest Berlin: La bottega di Babbel Podcast Recording in Italian

(Podcast recording in Italian)Nella prima stagione di questo podcast gli esperti di Babbel hanno risposto ad alcune domande relative alla cultura italiana: Che cos’è Ferragosto? Quando è stata inventata la pizza? Come si festeggia il Natale in Italia?  Vuoi scoprire altre curiosità, tradizioni e usanze italiane? Segui Gianluca e i suoi ospiti, studenti come te, […]


PodFest Berlin Seminar: Discover Immersive Audio

Event Location: Donau115 Looking to create immersive spaces in your podcast, music or radio drama? Learn the ins and outs of immersive audio! We’ll cover a short history of 3d audio, how it works, and how you can create your own immersive mixes designed for headphones on a shoestring budget. We will also briefly go […]


PodFest Berlin Seminar: Start Podcasting Now!

You’ve got a great story to tell, but don’t know the first thing about recording and editing a podcast? The technical process of recording, editing, and publishing a podcast can […]


PodFest Berlin: Bíó Tvíó – live upptöku

Bíó Tvíó snýr aftur fyrir sérstaka live upptöku á PodFest Berlin! Bíó Tvíó er hlaðvarp um íslenskar kvikmyndir. Andrea Björk Andrésdóttir og Steindór Grétar Jónsson ætla að horfa á allar íslenskar kvikmyndir frá upphafi og ræða hverja og eina í þaula. "Bíó Tvíó returns for a special live recording at PodFest Berlin! Bíó Tvíó is […]


PodFest Berlin: Corner Spaeti

“Discussions of a deteriorating world” live at PodFest Berlin, instead of your local smoke-filled Spätkauf. “Corner Späti is a podcast about the dumb Asian peninsula posing as a continent, Europe. Are you an American sick of hearing that if you become Sweden all your problems will be solved? Are you a European sick of listening […]


Radio Spaetkauf – Live Recording

Radio Spaetkauf: Berlin’s local podcast in English.Join the audience as they record live on stage!Hosts Joel Dullroy, Daniel Stern, Izzy Choksey, Matilde Keizer and Jöran Mandik discuss politics, public policy, police, pubs, parks, protests and parties. More about the podcast at: https://www.radiospaetkauf.com/ The recording starts promptly at the scheduled show time! Doors open 15 minutes […]