Sketch Bomb!

Sketch Bomb returns! On March 31st CCB’s top writers and performers have only 10 hours to write, rehearse and perform a one-hour sketch show. The time is ticking. Will they make […]

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Teacher’s Pet

Shine those apples and sharpen those pencils - The CCB Training School teachers are jumping on stage for a special show! Join the CCBTS teachers as they perform a set […]

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Suit up, buckle up, and shift into park, you’re not driving, idiot. Introducing, Car: an original, no stops, all thrills road-trip. Shotgun the front seat, squeeze your cheeks into our […]


Kevin and Andrew are long lost brothers from different mothers. They both spent the early 2010’s traversing the streets of NYC, separately performing on the same small stages and in the basements of bars. Never meeting until they found each other in Berlin, singing about their mothers onstage together. Now they have been performing improv […]

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The Fantastic New Comedy Show

Start off your Saturday night in a funny way. At the Fantastic New Comedy Show, rising stand up comedy stars perform their freshest feature set, or bring out brand new […]

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The CCB Improv Jam

The CCB Improv Jam is an open stage for improvisers looking to practice, have fun or try out long-form improv for the first time. It's also fun to just watch! […]

Action Jackson

Action Jackson are a somewhat-international long-form improv comedy group. They perform an Armando, improvising their set from a true life monologue inspired by an audience suggestion. They have been referred to as some of the biggest improv nerds in Berlin. Action Jackson have been seen internationally at the Reykjavik International Improv Festival, Del Close Marathon […]

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Four Eyes – Comedy Storytelling Open Mic

It's Berlin's favorite comedy storytelling open mic, now at CCB*!Hosted by Josh Telson & Michele Guido!Sign up to tell a story on Facebook or via email.6 to 8 people share with us a true story from their lives that may shock us, excite us, embarrass us or inspire us, but will definitely make us laugh! […]

GLB – Improvised Comedy

GLB is CCB's premier improv team, Berlin's longest running English-language longform improv team and has performed to packed houses across Europe. With a suggestion from the audience, GLB sets off on a night of first rate tomfoolery – hilarious scenes weaved together with incomparable timing. Pretty much anything can happen, and it’s all made up […]

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