Truth Night

Truth Night is an evening of slow burning, "speed-of-life" improv comedy. Lights go down, lights come up, and the show begins. Everything is improvised and inspired by the moment. Intrigued? Join us for an evening of honest discovery and "it's-funny-because-it's-true" comedy!


Have you ever had a very normal, everyday interaction and picked apart every tiny detail afterwards in your mind? For days? You turned over every word spoken and left unsaid. Your imagination ran wild with where it could’ve gone or might’ve gone or should’ve gone. It seeped into your dreams where it became an absurdly […]

House Show

CCB House Teams perform longform improv comedy! Every first 3 Fridays of the month, CCB features its 3 House Teams, Fünfdollar, People System, and Pizza Studio. About the teams: Fünfdollar is Andrew Blumhagen, Caroline Clifford, Clementine Satsuma, Amanda King, Trevor Silverstein, Kevin Napier, Andrea Björk, Gaston Stabiszewski, Kieran Humphries, Richard Killiam and Lauren Sedger. Former members include […]

Twimprov Peaks

Anna, Belen, Kevin and Ratan are the hilarious TWIMPROV PEAKS, and promise to take it slow and make it weird in this improvised format that has absolutely nothing to do with Twin Peaks. 

Witch Hunt – Dangerous Comedy

WITCH HUNT is a marvelous showcase of the most enchanting women in town, nay, the world. We awake at night in the limelight and jinx you with smutty stories, improbable improv, and spellbinding stand-up. Join us as we fight evil, sparkle with joy, and charm you with our combined powers of comedy. This show is […]

Split-Billed Platypus: Kate Cheka & Suzie Preece

Fresh from a run at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival Kate Cheka and Suzie Preece present "Split-Billed Platypus", a show that has nothing to do with a platypus. They're not even Australian. Instead you'll get an hour of stand-up comedy by two of the funniest women coming up on the UK circuit. In sardonic fashion they […]

The CCB Improv Jam

The CCB Improv Jam is an open stage for improvisers looking to practice, have fun or try out long-form improv for the first time. It's also fun to just watch! Anyone can join and everyone can play. If you’d like to play, just put your name on the sign up sheet when you arrive and we’ll […]

Pfand & Marmelade – Improv Comedy auf Deutsch

Nur ein Wort vom Publikum und Pfand improvisiert eine ganze Comedy-Show - mit Szenen, die nicht geprobt, noch nie gezeigt wurden und sich nie wiederholen werden. Nach der Show wird Pfand einen offenen Improvisations-Jam veranstalten! Jeder ist willkommen. Eintritt frei - Spenden erwünscht!

The Free Show

The Free Show is CCB's monthly behemoth comprised of Berlin's top improv talent, featuring GLB, CCB House Teams and local and out-of-town talent. The show is inspired by a true story told by someone from the audience, topped off with a shot of something tasty, just for good measure. And, yes, you guessed it... it's […]