The Semi-Finals of the 2018 August Offensive!

Everything counts.

This is it folks. The Semi-Finals of the August Offensive are this Saturday. 4 improv teams made it through the group stage and are determined to pave a path toward ultimate improv comedy glory this week as they fight for a seat in the finals.

The gloves are off! No mercy! Laugh! HAHA!

Everything counts this Saturday as the weathered veterans, Bloodthirsty, face off against the inimitable Blood Sisters in the first round and the young bucks of Skeleton Brains prepare for a battle of wits against the cleverest of the clever, Good* Improv Team in the second round.

The temperature in the theater cools down while the temperature on stage is turned up to 11!

4 teams. 10 minutes each. Only 2 shall pass.

See it all unfold this Saturday at 8:30pm.

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