Improv Jams

CCB hosts a variety of improv jams.

Improv jams help provide a safe and inclusive space for new to advanced improvisers to perform in front of an audience. It’s fun, it’s relaxed and super supportive! All experience levels welcome!

All jams are free!

The CCB Improv Jam.

Every Thursday

Anyone can join and everyone can play. Put your name on the list when you arrive and we’ll draw teams randomly during the jam until everyone’s had a chance to perform. You’ll be joined by current and former students, members of GLB, CCB Harold House Teams, and numerous members of other indie teams.

The Jam will be routinely hosted by new and upcoming improv teams.

Pfand und Marmelade

Jeden 4. Freitag um 23 Uhr

Pfand präsentiert amerikanische Improv Comedy auf Deutsch!
Nur ein Wort vom Publikum und Pfand improvisiert eine ganze Comedy-Show – mit Szenen, die nicht geprobt, noch nie gezeigt wurden und sich nie wiederholen werden.

Danach wollen wir euch auf der Bühne sehen!
Egal ob ihr schon Erfahrung habt, oder euch zum ersten Mal auf die Bühne wagt – beim Jam habt ihr die Möglichkeit, Improv Comedy selbst auszuprobieren. Spielt in zufällig zusammengestellten Teams mit Performer_innen von Pfand, Student_innen der CCB Training School und vielen anderen.

Es wird so lecker und einzigartig wie die Marmelade eurer Oma!

Comedy Café Berlin

Jam*Jam – A monthly improv jam for women, nonbinary and trans folks.

Check schedule

Calling all people-who-are-not-men to take over the CCB stage!
Everyone who signs up gets to improvise in a randomly assembled team. No matter your experience level, this is a friendly and supportive space to perform longform improv comedy with awesome people.

Just sign up when you get there!

*If your gender identity includes something other than male, this is your jam!

U + Me :: Two-prov jam!

Check schedule

We’re taking the CCB jam to the next level.
Let’s see what happens when we limit the team size to 2 people and give them ~6 minutes all on their own!

Check the calendar for next bookings.

For a successful jam, we ask all participants to follow the 7 tips.

The CCB Improv Jam

The CCB Improv Jam is an open stage for improvisers looking to practice, have fun or try out long-form improv for the first time. It's also fun to just watch! […]