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Introducing The CCB Kitchen

We’re turning the page to the next chapter in the CCB book. FOOD.

We’ve been spending a lot of time focusing on making your eyes water from laughter.
Now it’s time to make your mouths water.

Launching TODAY at noon, The CCB Kitchen will be serving up a selection of tasty sandwiches and homemade soups, as well as freshly baked treats and snacks! 

The menu includes a rotating selection of sandwiches including vegetarian and vegan options served on homemade bread rolls: 

~ Slow Cooked BBQ Pulled Pork ~

~ Honey and Mustard Pulled Beef ~ 

~ Halloumi with Roasted Vegetables and Pesto ~

We will be serving high quality food, using the finest locally sourced ingredients in a relaxed and cheerful environment.

Join us!

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Bring it on, 2016!

There’s so much to say! But, wow, what an exciting year it’s been so far! Since opening on October 18th we’ve been non-stop boogying with shows, flowing beer and laughing audiences. 

Some stats:

  • 34 shows and 1 movie screening
  • 1,179 tickets sold
  • 6 sold out shows
  • 3 visiting comedians (Hari Kondabolu, John Robertson and Will Hines) 

Considering, after 3 months of being open, we haven’t had a single night where no one showed up, I think we’re doing pretty alright!

But there’s so much to improve and so much more excitement ahead. Starting in January, CCB will be standardizing it’s schedule, hyper focusing on show quality, offering classes and expanding our café and bar offerings.

What’s in store for 2016?


  • Donnerstags auf Deutsch – Every Thursday will be dedicated to German language comedy linchpinned by “Das Comedy Labor”, an evening for established and newly established comedians to try out new material, hosted by Jonas Imam and Michael Timm.

  • Friday Night Improv – Every Friday night will feature a regular rotation of short-form and long-form improv comedy, including ComedySportz and Good Luck, Barbara!

  • Stand-Up Saturdays! – Presented by our friends at Egg & Bear, Saturdays are dedicated to the best of the best stand-ups from “homegrown talent to imported celebrities”. It’s comedy for comedy lovers!

  • Sunday Specials – On Sunday evening, you’ll find a mixed bag of live podcast recordings, sketch shows and, something new we’re trying out, Tatort auf englisch – Tatort dubbed into English, live.  
    And to add to it all, you can already start purchasing your tickets online through Eventbrite. #woot

Improv classes

We’ve also teamed up with Hive Improv and will be hosting 4 improv classes every week. If you’re interested, free previews for classes start January 9th! Make sure you sign up!


It’s too soon for us to divulge any details about our plans to kick the kitchen into full gear but just know that in a very short while we’re going to be making mouths water. Watch this space. 

From all of us at CCB, we hope you have a fantastic year ahead and when you don’t, stop by and cheer yourself up. 😀


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Announcing Hive Improv courses at CCB!

Good news folks! Hive Improv together with Comedy Café Berlin is now offering a full selection of improv courses in English starting January 2016! No where else in the city can you get this kind of highly focused curriculum, with this much variety and with this kind of teaching talent (full disclosure, I’m teaching). 

The gang from Good Luck, Barbara! (Chris J. Rock, Nikki Ratjen, Josh Telson and myself) have been working tirelessly to create separate Hive courses each tackling a different component of improv: Short Form Improv, The Truth of the Scene, Harold & Game and soon, The Movie.    

Have you been coming to improv comedy shows and thinking, “goddamn, I wish I could get me some of that!”? Or have you been caught off guard at work when your boss asks you to give a presentation and your mouth feels like a goddamn piece of stale toast? Or are you that person at the party who holds court in the kitchen telling stories that no one wants to listen to but wishes people would? THEN SIGN UP. 

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ComedySportz Berlin

**In English!/Auf Englisch!** 

Berlin’s best English language improv comedy group battle it out at their brand new home, CCB!

ComedySportz Berlin is a fun, fast-paced comedy improvisation show, in English. CSz is played like a sport with two teams that battle for laughs and points as they make up scenes, games and songs on the spot. At the end of every scene, the audience votes for the winners. YOU DECIDE WHO WINS!

ComedySportz Berlin website

In partnership with Berlin English Improv Network and Comedy in English Berlin.

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CCB at the Movies

**In English!/Auf Englisch!** 

A fully improvised movie! Berlin improvisers Chris Rock, Josh Telson, Noah Telson and Nicole Ratjen (Good Luck, Barbara!) improvise an entire movie – It’s like you’re at the cinema, but better!

Working from a single suggestion from the audience, these guys will go horror, thriller, sci-fi or downright Lars von Trier on your ass. So bring your popcorn and soda and grab a seat!  

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Opening party and shows at CCB have been announced!

Good news! We’ve been working tirelessly to figure out the best lineup of shows for our first season! Not everything is fully confirmed but we couldn’t hold back our excitement any longer. Have a look at our shows page and start reserving your tickets!

A big thanks goes out to Egg and Bear who are helping produce many of the shows. 

And finally! Come to our opening party on October 18th @ 7:00p. 
There’ll be a showcase of Berlin’s international, alternative comedy acts. You can let us know you’re coming on Facebook


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We hit €10,000!!!

Amazing! With 10 days still left, we hit our goal of €10,000!

What now? Well, we announced stretch goals (listed below) last week which allow us some more flexibility in making the space even more super than it already is!  So, if you haven’t contributed and you wanted to, you still can. We even added more rewards (also listed below) so you have more options now.

We even have a surprise reward being announced tomorrow. Stay tuned!

 Trying out signage!
Trying out signage!

New rewards!


Casual drinker. One seasonal cocktail and your name on the ‘Wall of Fame’. 


Party on! One private ComedySportz show at CCB for you and your friends and your name on the ‘Wall of Fame’.

Stretch goals!

We’re fairly confident that we’ll reach our initial goal of €10,000 before the end of our campaign, but that doesn’t mean we can’t use some extra cash. Stretch goals will help us cover additional, unforeseen costs (these things happen!) as well as improving and expanding some of our equipment.

Stretch goal #1 – €15,000
We’ll be able to include a projector in the theater and upgrade the sound system.

Stretch goal #2 – €20,000
We’ll extend the kitchen, allowing us to be more versatile as to what we can offer.

SO! Please consider contributing if you haven’t already and at the very least share the campaign with your friends and family.

Remember, you can always share it again! 🙂

Neue Belohnungen!


Für Gelegenheits-Trinker. Du bekommst einen Cocktail der Saison und natürlich kommt dein Name auf die ‘Wall of Fame’.


Paaarty! Wir spielen eine private ComedySportz Show bei CCB nur für dich und deine Freunde und natürlich kommt dein Name auf die ‘Wall of Fame’.

Erweiterte Ziele!

Wir sind sehr zuversichtlich, dass wir unser ursprüngliches Ziel in Höhe von €10,000 noch vor Ablauf der Kampagne erreichen werden. Das bedeutet aber nicht, dass wir die extra Kohle, die darüber hinaus geht, nicht sehr gut gebrauchen können. Mit den weiteren Finanzierungszielen wollen wir zusätzliche, unerwartete Kosten (ohja, die gibt es!) decken, sowie in eine bessere und umfangreichere Ausstattung investieren.

Ziel #1 – €15,000
Wir können einen Beamer im Theater installieren und das Sound System aufrüsten.

Ziel #2 – €20,000
Hiermit wollen wir die Küche erweitern und besser ausstatten um in Zukunft ein breiteres und vielseitigeres kulinarisches Programm bieten zu können.  

ALSO! Bitte denk’ darüber nach uns zu unterstützen falls du das nicht sowieso schon getan hast und teile unsere Kampagne mit Freunden und Familie.

Und denk’ dran, doppelt geteilt hält besser!

Von Herzen,
Nina, Dino and Noah