Our brand-new Sketch Program!


Sketch comedy has long been featured at CCB, and we’re proud of the regular sketch programming that’s grown out of our community here – The Weird Show, VCRThe Steindor Jonsson Wariety Shov to name a few – but we haven’t had an official way to teach and support sketch comedy… until now!

We’re thrilled to announce that we will be launching a brand-new Sketch Program at The CCB Training School this October with our first sketch comedy course – 101 Intro to Sketch, taught by guest instructor Steindór Jónsson (The BOSSThe Steindor Jonsson Wariety Shov, The Gemini Consortium). 101 will focus on writing in a number of different styles and is open to anybody regardless of experience level. In the new year, we’ll expand the program to include 201 Developing a Sketch Show.

Parallel to teaching sketch comedy at CCBTS, we’ll be launching a House Sketch Team later this year. The Sketch team will be made up of writing and acting crews, working together to produce regular sketch shows at CCB and can be considered the sketch equivalent to our House Harold Teams.
Anyone who has completed the new 101 Intro to Sketch course will be eligible to audition for the House Sketch Team as a writer. Anyone who has completed Level 2 Improv courses at CCBTS will be eligible to audition as an actor. For those folks with extensive prior sketch experience, we will provide a means for these requirements to be waived. Exact details regarding the make-up of the House Sketch Team, including auditioning, audition requirements and a show schedule, will be announced later this autumn.
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