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Good Luck, Barbara!

Good Luck, Barbara! is Nicole Ratjen, Chris Rock, Josh Telson, and Noah Telson (plus special guests).

We are American/Canadian expats who perform quick-witted, physical, rapid fire yet slow burning English-language long form improv comedy in Berlin, Germany. We have been described as “delightfully quirky” by RBB radio and “a definite recommendation” by We also perform with various other improv groups, including ComedySportz Berlin.We have trained with the Upright Citizens Brigade, Miles Stroth Workshop, ComedySportz, Dad’s Garage, Lee White, Joe Bill, and others.

You can find us on FacebookTwitter and Tumblr

Former members and special guests of our group include Carlo RitchieTess Degenstein, Maddie Parker, Andrew Reid, Make Shift Improv and Will Hines.  

“These guys and gal are a must-see. The sheer speed of their combined brains and sharp humor is mind blowing. I may or may not have laughed til I peed.”
– Kristian Bruun, Actor, BBC’s Orphan Black

“With a passion for the art, the audience and pushing forward it’s hard to imagine these performers not making a big mark on the scene.”
– Lee White, The Crumbs

“Delightfully quirky…”
– rbb inforadio |

“Exciting, a definite recommendation.”
– |

“Good Luck, Barbara! are one of the hottest improv outfits on the
scene. Their obvious chemistry is fantastic to see and no doubt the product of years of honing their group mind. This is something people should see. If your sides aren’t hurting at the end of a GLB show, you’re either impervious to laughter or are significantly fitter than I am, which, frankly, no one is.  A bunch of bloody legends, these guys are the dope. Drink. It. In… or regret it soon and for the rest of your life. They’re just so damned tight!”
– Carlo Ritchie, “The Bear Pack”, “Bonus Stage”, Director “Improv Theatre Sydney”

“In a city that is quickly gaining a reputation for its English comedy “Good Luck, Barbara!” is leading the way. With intelligent, quick-witted storytelling and a quirky, surprising cast, GLB is a joy to watch each and every show. You can’t even call them Berlin’s best kept comedy anymore. The word is out. And the audiences are laughing.”
– Mat Mailandt, NOTORIOUS

“Good Luck Barbara does wonderfully inventive, highly intelligent improv.  Comprised of individually skilled members, their chemistry and experience together creates truly dynamic and unique theatre. Their audience base is enthusiastic and loyal; and GLB never disappoints, delivering whimsical stories, cracked characters, cultural commentary, and huge laughs to eager crowds in Berlin. Simply put, their shows are electric- not to be missed.”
– Tess Degenstein, Improviser/Actor

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