The Berlin EdFringe Previews!

This Wednesday (19.07.2017) CCB is kicking off the second annual Berlin EdFringe Previews. Together with Damien Warren-Smith (Plague of Idiots) we have scheduled 20 comedy acts from all over the globe (ok – mostly just the UK and Australia) BUT they are some of the hottest award winning shows happening right now!

You won’t have to travel far to see some of the best acts the comedy scene has to offer. We’re running the gamut from cutting edge stand-up to full-on Gaullier clowning. It’s not to be missed.

Here’s just a hint of what people are saying (in order):

  • Mark Watson is “Hilarious… clever, touching and funny” – ★★★★★ Mirror.
  • Sofie Hagen won the Foster’s Award for Best Newcomer 2015.
  • The Establishment is “One of the best shows I’ve seen” ★★★★★ (
  • Plague of Idiots: Lulu & Pudding “the perfect antidote for a week of work.” (
  • Tamar Broadbent won Best Comedy Show Perth Fringeworld 2017.
  • Josh Telson: “This is usually where comedians put a nice review about their standup, but no one knows what to say about my shows.” – Josh Telson
  • Eleanor Conway is ‘Reminiscent of early Graham Norton (albeit sexier)’ ★★★★ The List.
  • Josh Glanc won ‘BEST COMEDY’ at the Perth Fringe World 2017.
  • Elf Lyons is “Hilariously Brave’ One of British Vogue’s ‘Top Twenty Names of Now’.
  • John-Luke Roberts: ‘This is alternative comedy close to its pinnacle’ ★★★★ (
  • Double Denim: Stand-up comedy allows you to laugh at others, ‘Double Denim’ allows you to laugh at yourself. ★★★★ – Scenestr (AUS).
  • Dr. Neal Portenza: “An hour of unpredictable, whacked-out weirdness from one of Australia’s most off-the-wall comics.” ★★★★½, Herald Sun, 201
  • Helen Duff is “Absolutely shameless, boldly ridiculous, embarrassingly funny” ★★★★ (Australia Times).
  • Wil Greenway: ‘One of the most masterful storytellers I have ever seen… I cannot recommend seeing this show enough’ ★★★★★ (Ed Fringe Review).
  • Juan Vesuvius is ‘Bizarre, sexy and very, very funny’ ★★★★★ (
  • Betty Grumble is “Transformative & Wild. Betty Grumble is a MUST SEE.” ★★★★★ PEACHES
  • Zach & Viggo won the Best Comedy Adelaide Fringe Weekly (2017)
  • Tez Ilyas “has a slickness more reminiscent of US comics, and the gags to back it up” (Guardian).
  • Zach Zucker is ‘Ridiculous, hilarious, and genius, a must-see ‘ ★★★★½ Kryztoff (AU)
  • Viggo Venn won the Rising Star Award – The Media Eye (2016)

Damn! Damn, damn, damn!
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