2017 round up

In many ways 2017 was a benchmark year for CCB. From ownership restructuring and all that that upheaval entails to entering our statistically improbable second year of operation, CCB is one enduring mother fucker.

Here’s a quick round up in numbers:

  • 342 shows put on
  • 51 visiting acts played the stage
  • 3 shows cancelled due to low turnout
  • 2,935 Large Vagabund APAs served
  • 2 major panic attacks

Here’s a quick round up of non quantifiables:

  • Dick Joke Jar
  • A growing community of awesome people – both performers and audience alike

Thanks to everyone who makes CCB run. In particular, Leah Katz and the staff: Christoph, Emma, Jaja, Julieta, Kareth, Trevor and the assists by Jakob and Matilde.

And a major thanks to all the comedians. You are all artists.

Let’s kick 2018’s ass.