Comedy already

Good news everyone! There is already some great comedy coming out of CCB and the show is called “The Contractors Who Are Renovating The Space.” And damn, they are good. The show is full of twists and turns, you’ll laugh, you’ll cry. And the best part is: the price of the show is negotiable!

If you want to see the show yourself, just go ahead and open a café and let them come to you. Make sure you read every invoice.

Seriously though, these guys are the worst. It’s like doing business with goldfish. Here’s how a rough idea of how a conversation goes:

Us: Please don’t do that yet, we’re waiting on other offers.
Contractor: Okay.
One day later.
Us: Why did you do that? We told you not to do that yet.
Contractor: Oh it’s fine. I’ll charge you for a lower price.
Us: Okay.
One day later.
Us: You invoiced us for a higher price.
Contractor: Yeah, I can’t do it for a lower price.
Us: You said you could do it for a lower price yesterday.
Contractor: Okay.

Additional laughs brought to you by the guys who ran the sound cables.
Let’s just say they overcharged us by 400%.

Eyes and ears, fellas. Eyes and ears.